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The premier, trusted, and industry-specific financing platform that simplifies access to capital

Our mission at Riverchain is to help companies unlock working capital to fuel its business growth. Through technology and innovative solutions tailored to the unique needs of each industry, we strive to simplify the process for businesses seeking alternative funding, propelling their growth and success.

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A Marketplace Facilitating Construction Financing

The construction industry needs access to financial products that address the needs of construction businesses. Riverchain’s marketplace brings together construction businesses with liquidity providers such as banks, family offices, private credit funds and money lenders that are committed to providing solutions for the entire construction lifecycle. Riverchain also structures financial products designed uniquely for construction scenarios such as industry’s first digital factoring, retention factoring and green financing products.

Projects that Riverchain has supported

Awards & Endorsements

Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards

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The Asian Banker Hong Kong Awards

Hong Kong Business Technology Excellence Awards 2023

Hong Kong ICT Awards 2023

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