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Fuel your business growth by getting a cash advance on your invoices

Hong Kong’s largest financing platform that simplifies access to capital for the construction industry

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Cash advance of up to 90% of your invoice

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Offers within 48 hours

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No upfront & hidden fees

Why construction companies use our cash advance product

Early payments up to 90% of the invoice value

Early payments of up to HKD 8 million and a minimum of HKD 200K, as early as 60 days before your original expected payment date.

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Offer within 48 hours

Simple application process. Receive your offer within 48 hours of completing your factoring application.

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No upfront and hidden fees

Rebate for new clients of up to 1% of the payment value available.

Unlock working capital in 3 easy steps


Get a Quote

Submit an application and get a proposal within 48 hours


Accept Offer

Review, accept offer and submit relevant documents


Get Funded

Once offer is approved, receive your cash advance immediately

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  • What is Riverchain’s cash advance service?
    Riverchain is your trusted working capital solution provider. Our cash advance product is also known as factoring. Riverchain will purchase your invoice and provide your business with a cash advance of up to 90%. We will then wait for the full amount of your invoice to be paid out by your customer and send you the balance of the payment minus our fees.
  • How to apply?
    Ask for a quote here or call us at +852 6053 7600, and our team will assist you through the whole process.
  • What are the necessary documents required to submit a cash advance application?
    We seek documents such as your project contract, payment application and/or payment certificate, payment history and other relevant documents related to your customer. Upon receipt of your documents, an offer will be sent out within 48 hours.
  • How do you charge?
    Please use the calculator here to get an indicative offer on your invoice.
  • What are the differences between Riverchain and traditional finance?
    There are no hidden costs and we charge a single fee only. Traditional finance usually requires an administration fee and charges monthly or annual rate. Riverchain factoring does not affect your current credit line, does not consider personal credit rating (i.e. Transunion credit report), and does not require collateral.
  • How long does it take to get funded?
    Offers will be provided within 48 hours and funds will be released instantly.

Our Community

Riverchain organizes various community activities to allow users to learn about the latest industry news, expand network and learn from professionals in the industry.


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If you have any questions/inquiries, chat with us now via WhatsApp. 

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